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A Smooth Transition

A Smooth Transition.

The transition between preschool & reception can be challenging. What can we do to make this smoother?

Many preschool settings try to match the daily routines of their feeder schools. PE lessons are often introduced in the summer term to practice changing & following instructions.

The teaching of Phonics is always the toughest challenge because there are so many schemes used in schools. Which one should preschool settings follow as part of their letters & sounds program?

Will it confuse the children when they get to school & get taught new characters & letter formation patter? Story Frog Phonics is a generic scheme which supports & compliments all phonic schemes taught in schools therefore not confusing preschool children entering their next stage of their reading & writing journey.

Many preschool staff want to increase their confidence in teaching phonics but where is this training? The Story Frog Phonics offers bespoke training packages for settings which compliment their current practise. During the current climate, it is difficult for nursery and preschool staff to access face to face training.

The Story Frog Phonics offer online training which enables staff to not only to gain confidence in their phonic teaching but also gives them access to The Story Frog soundtrack, use of The Story Frog logo and a large number of resources.


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