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My Life as a Story Frog Teacher

My life as a Story Frog Teacher.........

Life can send numerous different things your way at different times. As a mum, work life balance was always important to me and this became more important when my 2 kids landed.

Having been a Chef for 11yrs,stopping work to have kids was a bit of a shock to my system but in a very good way.......Kids made me see life from a different angle, but I still wanted to work, a little something for me, something I would be passionate about yet still have the balance to be home a lot as the kids moved through school.... helping my own kids through there school year is something that I feel duty bound to so as they have an enjoyable experience.

So, enter google search box ‘Work from Home Opportunities’ threw everything at me from make up to candles to home ware, Jewellery etc.......nothing which ticked any boxes for me...

Suddenly ‘The Story Frog’ popped up and as I read through the material, I found myself intrigued....... all my passions & pastimes; Books, music, Craft, Fun, Education through fun, creativity encouraged, versatile work to suit yourself and so much more.

What I loved even more was that the application form was like a CV which you were then interviewed for me that was via Skype. This was great as it answered all my questions as well as trashing out details to see if Franchise would suit me MY DREAMS ........ THE ANSWER IS IT WELL & TRULY HAS AND MORE.

MY WEEK is always my design, blending around my family life. Dealing with kids is so satisfying and instilling the joy of reading & learning, every day is a new adventure.... making new friends, receiving feedback from parents who leave classes feeling empowered to tackle phonics through fun, and most importantly having plenty of fun while learning without any undue pressures.

My Business has been growing nicely over the past 2 years, I am now reaping the rewards of what I put in by running Story frog classes (u5’s), Parent Workshops, Tiddlers Classes (u’2s through numerous Parent & toddler groups, while plans are in place to expand in 2019 to Storys Camp out (after school writing clubs) and as of Sept 2018,The Story Frog Maria is affiliated to Early Childhood Ireland which is very exciting going forward ....... so, it’s all go & I am Happy, LOVING SHARING THE STORY FROG SPARKLE EVERYWHERE I GO XXXX

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