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Rhymers become readers!

Rhythm engages all of us, whether it be a catchy song on the radio, a repetitive advert jingle or a nostalgic nursery rhyme. Rhyming should be a crucial part of all children's development. Children should be exposed to rhyme from as early as possible; singing lullabies, acting out nursery rhymes and reading fun and crazy poems are all fantastic ways to encourage rhyme from newborn babies through to young children.

Tactile hands can be encouraged to hold finger puppets before not long developing finer coordination to be able to act out hand signs to the rhyme of the song, for example the well loved classic, Incy Wincy spider.

Crucial fine motor skills and co-ordination are put into play when acting out hand signs to nursery rhymes which aid in the development of finger muscles required for literacy skills later on in childhood for mark making and writing. Nursery rhymes also bring with them a plethora of additional literacy skills. Social skills are developed through social interaction, a sense of community and familiarity. The ability to listen, to hear sounds and identify rhyming sounds. To aid in comprehension and develop imaginations. It increases their vocabulary, even if at this stage it doesn't quite make sense to them, it teaches them to recite and remember.

Nursery Rhyme Craft- Old macDonald"s farm- phonemic awareness

Nursery rhymes are not about the meaning at such a young age, they don't need to make sense, they are about capturing a little mind into a world of imagination, of rhythm and sounds. They spark creativity, encourage children to identify with themes within the nursery rhymes; to stick, mould and create. Make a play dough spider, or paint a twinkly star, build and play with old MacDonalds farm, make Polly dolly better, have a tea party and tip the teapot to pour it out!

Phonemic awareness has to begin with the basic literacy skills of listening and verbalising before reading and writing can even begin to come into play. Children learn through play.

Want to begin your children journey into a world of awe inspiring play based learning, developing crucial literacy skills with an introduction to phonic sounds and fun and messy play. Why not begin your Story Frog phonics journey and find a class near you today!

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