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It is simple: The Story Frog Phonics empowers parents, engages children and is unlike any other preschool class; teaching phonics in a unique way which supports children's future learning. 

Our classes are imaginative, exciting and provide children with awe and wonder experiences through glitter filled, fun and inspiring activities. 


The Story Frog Phonics is an original phonics and literacy preschool class which aims to support parents and caregivers in teaching their children early reading and writing skills through play. 

Our aim is to develop a love of stories and learning through exciting activities which are drawn from the children's own ideas and interests. 

We recognise that all children learn at different rates and should be able to develop their early literacy skills at their own pace and in a nurturing, fun environment which builds confidence and celebrates the achievements of individual children. 

The Story Frog Phonics Programme is not just about learning phonics it is about developing the wide range of early literacy skills involved in becoming a confident reader and writer, these include: 

Phonics sounds

Listening skills

Oral blending



Fine motor control skills

Gross motor control

Imagination and role play

Expressive arts

Rhyming words

Talking and understanding

and much much more! 

Our sessions are all based on beautiful children's stories and include activities linked to the interests of our children including: 

Messy play


Painting and drawing

Cutting and sticking

Joining skills

Junk modelling

Sand and Water

Sensory exploration

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Sparkly Story Classes!

Sparkly Story Classes!

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