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About the Classes

Claire's Classes are available now!  BOOK ONLINE

Which class should you choose?

Tiddlers Class - 10months- 2 years old

Sparkly and multi sensory

Connect with other parents and carers in a safe and welcoming space.

Early literacy skills linked to the development of your child.

Includes sensory exploration, messy play, mark making, fine and gross motor development

and much more!

All delivered through nursery rhymes and songs!


Little Hoppers 2-3 years old

The ultimate toddler class!

Introduced to the magical world of stories

Gain the skills to be pre-school ready!

Includes opportunities for imaginative play, cutting skills, phonics, creative arts,pre-writing

skills and much more!

Pre-school 3-4 years

Stories and songs and rhymes

Phonics - gaining the confidence to read!

Opportunities for imaginative play, cutting skills, creative art, pre-writing skills and much


Pre-school 3-4 years (SEN session)

A smaller class at a slower pace for children who feel overwhelmed in a larger group.

Enjoy stories,rhymes, phonics, developmental play, creative arts, mark making skills in a

safe environment.

About your teacher Claire: 

Hi, my name is Claire and I live in Whitley Bay in North Tyneside. I am a fully qualified

teacher that specialises in teaching in the early years. I have also gained qualifications in

special educational needs and have worked as a SENCO in schools. I have worked in

Nurseries and Children’s Centres for 18 years and have real passion for not only working

with young children but with parents/caregivers too!

I wanted to become part of The Story Frog Phonics as I am passionate about the importance

of ‘getting it right’ in the early years, to give children the skills and confidence to develop in

early literacy, to help them succeed in their learning journey. I want to empower

parents/caregivers to help support them as they are key to a child’s learning and


I am mum to a 11 year old lively little boy who loved stories from a baby. He has autism and

ADHD. Pre-school groups were always difficult for us and it was often hard to find other

parents who could relate. I will be running dedicated classes for children with additional

needs and their parents/caregivers for this very reason!

I can’t wait to meet you and your child and start our story frog adventure together.


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