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It’s time to embrace the great outdoors!

As we see the clocks change and the nights draw in it is for us to encourage our little friends to embrace the cold outdoors a little more and continue their exploration of outdoor play! Not only does outdoor play aid with cognitive, physical, social and emotional development it is fundamentally healthy- both physically and mentally for the little and even the big people. Here at The Story Frog you probably hear us refer to developing fine motor skills quite a lot, well in order to develop the finer ones you have to have set the gross motor skills into action, the opportunity to climb, jump and run freely, what better way to kick start those all so crucial muscles into action and develop those gross motor skills?

It is for us to foster within our children a positive disposition for the great outdoors, a healthy habit that will be with them for life! With increasing numbers of children being identified with reduced muscle development and balance along with an increase in obesity and screen time, introducing them to the natural world around them can encourage fun physical activity, stimulate multi sensory experiences, problem solving and creativity and exploration! Risk is a natural part of play and outdoor play allows for children to test their limits and challenge themselves all whilst enhancing their appreciation and respect for their natural environment. Where ever you live, wrap them up warm, find your happy place and embrace the great outdoors! Follow us for the month of November for #30daysofoutdoorplay 

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