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A word from Maria a truly inspiring Story Frog teacher!

Reflection of a Story Frog adventure

As another year draws to a close we all tend to pause & reflect on what has past & what is yet to come, for me this year it is the end of a most amazing adventure which is still in its early stages but which to date has blown me away .......What a success The Story Frog journey is!!!

By way of a brief introduction, Maria is my name .A stay at home mum of 2 wonderful kids, living in the beautiful location of Listowel, Co. Kerry, Republic of Ireland. At present I operate The Story Frog Maria at 3 locations within my locality with amazing success.

How did I find The Story Frog & why did it fit me???

I have always loved being independent, doing what I love with passion, In my own time while not encroaching on family life......One day in August 2016 The Story Frog opportunity popped up.....intrigued so emailed. It was just what I was looking for considering my passions are books, crafts & teaching....They all fit into the one unique mixing pot........Saw the birth of The Story Frog Maria.....and the first one in Ireland.

What is Story frog?

It is quite simple yet unusually unique; teaching kids early literacy skills through fun themes & activities. Kids develop skills which prepare them for school environment through themed weeks which cover phonics sounds, Story time along with fun activities to develop a variety of other is all about the FUN,FUN,FUN....... with so much packed into a class, learning is easy. As a Story Frog Teacher there is nothing nicer than to see the smile & sense of achievement in a child’s eyes when recalling a letter sound or creating a masterpiece out of messy play or are just happy to see you each week, wondering ‘what new things can we learn this week?........and will I get my reward sticker at the end of class (needless to say, everybody always does)

What will 2017 hold for The Story Frog Maria?

It is exciting, having only been operating since Sept 2016, a new year has so much potential........I would have a few basic aims which I consider the foundation of what I do;

Inspire children to love Letters, word & Stories. Stimulate their imagination at every level. Empower them to learn at their own pace while always encouraging. Also Empower their parents & carers with the abilities to be there educators & motivators, by providing them with all the correct skills to build on what they are taught through The Story Frog programme.

And final aim for 2017;

Continue to Spread the Sparkle that is The Story Frog motto........

Happy Christmas to all my followers & Attendees,

Hope you all have a Happy & Safe Holiday.

Looking forward to continuing to share the ‘Story’s that Sparkle’ in 2017

Best Wishes, The Story Frog Maria xxxxx

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