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    Online Phonics Course for Parents

Want to help your little one learn to read but don't know where to start? Clueless about phonics?

This course is a quick and easy introduction to phonics for busy parents on the go which only takes one hour to complete!


If you have a child under 6 that hasn’t yet learnt to read then this is the course for you, designed by a reception teacher and early years consultant (and parent of three children under 6). 


We will help you to: 

*Understand how to get your child reading by giving you a step by step guide which is easy to follow

*Understand what phonics is and why your child uses it

*Show you how to support your child in line with how they will learn at nursery or in school

*Give you lots of hints and tips on how to teach your child to read on the go

*Help you to pronounce the sounds

*Refresh your knowledge by providing you with lifetime access to the course for support


We will also: 


Link you up to other parents for support

Provide you with an exclusive discount code for our online store - 15% off everything
Optional extras:
A personalised phonics assessment for your child
Find out exactly where your child is working in line with expectations for their age and what your child needs next. 
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