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Are you a parent or care giver that wants a course to help your child to learn to read and write? Want to inject a bit of sparkle into those first stages of literacy-based learning? The Story Frog phonics course is designed for parents and is completely unique!

The course is:

  • Designed to support parents in teaching their children early phonics and literacy skills

  • Provides a clear method, which works! 

  • Works at the child's own pace

  • Supports children's future learning, regardless of which phonics scheme they go on to use in nursery or school

  • Provides parents with a wealth of exciting activities with which to engage their child and develop key skills

  • Tailored to meet the needs of individual children

  • Designed to incorporate a range of key skills linked to the Early Years curriculum and expectations including;

    • Fine motor control development​

    • Pencil grip

    • Learning sounds

    • Oral blending

    • Blending for reading

    • Segmenting skills

    • Language development

    • Phase one "listening" 

    • Gross motor control  

​What you get:


35 Double sided A4 Parent teaching cards


27 A5 Childs cards


Cost £30 


The Story Frog Phonics and Early Literacy Book

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