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Being a Story Teller...

I didn’t spend a lot of time with children until I had one of my own, but once I plunged headlong into the world of guiding my son through babyhood and childhood, I became endlessly fascinated with kids. These small people with their limitless imaginations, the incredible speed at which they learn, the beauty of seeing their individual personalities develop, it’s such a beautiful thing to be part of shaping the person they will become.

A Story Frog class has something for everyone: Here is a small girl quietly, gleefully covered in chocolate, over here a boisterous little boy with a clutch of dinosaurs in the sandbox, roaring building his imaginary world, over there a quieter little lad puts pairs of character cards together, and a little girl bounces on an inflatable frog. Whatever the personality you can usually find something that appeals. An important part of my job is keeping an eye checking that each child is happy and occupied with something that appeals to them.

A similar principle applies to Story Frog Teachers. We can take the concept and put our own stamp on it. I am a theatre actress and by nature a showman, so my classes are colourful and messy, there are laser lights and bubbles, a multi-coloured parachute, there is always glitter, often jelly and I love the storytelling part best of all….

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