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Phonics Training
Nurseries, Preschools and

 At The Story Frog we have a unique ethos which underpins everything we do! We strive not only to ignite children’s love of learning but also to empower practitioners to feel confident in teaching phonics and providing enriching play-based opportunities to children in their setting. Most importantly we aim to offer, young children, positive early experiences of literacy! The early work of preschools and nurseries in introducing literacy to young children is fundamental to their future enjoyment of writing, reading and communication. More pressure is being placed on preschools and nurseries to provide support to children with a variety of needs but very little support is available to these settings to focus specifically on the early years/ preschool age range. Nursery managers and staff do not always feel confident in their coverage of phonics or literacy and provision differs from setting to setting. At The Story Frog we aim to change that! We are here for you! 

Our Sparkle package includes: 

  • •In house phonics training for a half day with your staff

  • •Bespoke training to support the needs of your staff wherever they are on their professional development journey 

  • •One years phonics planning programme 

  • •Access to The Story Frog soundtrack and usage rights 

  • •Use of our logo and trademark 

  • •A taught/modelled Story Frog session with your children in your setting. 

  • •10% Discount code for our online shop