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    Online Phonics Course for Parents

At The Story Frog Phonics we offer one to one tailor made support for your child online. We offer a complete one to one assessment with your child and their local Story Frog phonics teacher. 

At The Story Frog our ethos is all about helping children to learn through play - without pressure and at their own pace. Most importantly we believe in the power of family to support learning and recognise parents as a child's first teachers.   In order to empower parents to support their children to learn to read at their own pace and in a personalised way we offer one to one sessions so parents know what is appropriate for their child and when. 

Whats included: 

*A breakdown of your child's understanding of phonics

*A step by step guide for what to do next

*Link ups with our parents support group

*15 % discount off our online shop

Sessions take place online and typically last 30 minutes and this includes a follow up email with copy of your childs individual assessment and set targets.  

To arrange your child's one to one session just fill in the form below: 




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