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Area: Haverhill

About the classes:

Brand new classes starting Summer 2020 WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Your teacher: Cara

Hello! I'm Cara and I am a primary

school teacher. I am also mummy to


I have worked as a passionate Early

Years teacher for 16 years and have

taught in Africa, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and

of course England. 

Working with young children for many years in a play based curriculum has been a pleasure and a privilege. A love of reading and a child's phonological awareness is a huge advantage to their current and future education. At Story Frog it is such a joy to build on these skills in a play based , often messy and always fun environment! 

Come along to the sessions to promote a love of books and rhymes, develop early reading skills, learn new songs, build knowledge of phonics and meet new friends. You can even leave the cleaning up to me! 

I can't wait to help you and your little ones on this exciting learning journey. 


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